Are You a Candidate for HIPEC?

A clinical consultation with our surgical oncologists is an opportunity to evaluate your medical history and discuss appropriate treatments. They will help determine if HIPEC is right for you. (Learn more about cancers treated with HIPEC.)

Patients with minimal or low-volume disease may be candidates for a clinic trial exploring the possibility of a minimally invasive surgery, which uses smaller incisions and can result in a shorter recovery period. (Watch a video of Dr. Kaitlyn Kelly describing minimally invasive HIPEC.)

Because our patients come from all over the world, we also schedule phone consultations. Contact our office, 858-822-2124, for information on fees and scheduling.

Items that we may need for your consultation include:

  • Recent radiology films and reports (CT, PET, MRI) of abdomen, pelvis and chest
  • Pathology report
  • Tumor markers: CEA, CA 19-9, CA 125
  • Operative notes from all prior surgeries related to this disease
  • Summary of all chemotherapy treatment regimens

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