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Undergraduate Pre-Health Club

A new club, the Pre-Health Professional club, was created for undergraduate students interested in advancing their professional careers in health through knowledge of deaf culture and American Sign Language. Students are NOT required to know American Sign Language upon joining the club.

The club encourages students who are already learning ASL to consider careers in the health and science professions and encourages students who are in pre-health professional disciplines to take ASL classes. This club gives medical students the opportunity to serve as mentors and role models to undergraduates who are interested in serving the DHHC, as well as to practice their signing skills. Through this mechanism, the program hopes to generate a steady stream of applicants to health professional schools who already have at least a moderate level of proficiency in ASL and deaf culture.

If you are an undergraduate student with an interest in pre-health professions, providing an increase in health care to underserved populations, or ways to use your ASL skills in the community, come to our workshop and learn:

  • How to make your graduate school application stand out in the deluge of applications
  • Deaf people’s experiences and frustrations with the provision of health care services
  • How learning ASL and deaf culture will enable you to serve an underserved population
  • Volunteer opportunities with the Deaf community
  • How to effectively run a health seminar for the Deaf community

Meeting Dates:

Friday, December 3 in UC 303 from 1-2:30

Other organized club activities will be held throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the club and the dates for the workshop, please contact Anna Schuster at