Research & Training

National Conference Presentation

October 2003 in Little Rock, Arkansas:

Sommer Kaskowitz and Laurel Fox presented data at poster session on the results from a study involving prostate and testicular cancer education for deaf males.

The Deaf males in the study took a pre-test and post-test and a two-month follow survey based on their knowledge of prostate and testicular cancer. For the educational seminar, the Deaf and hard of hearing males watched a videotape signed in American Sign Language (ASL) with open captioning and voice overlay entitled, “Know Your Options: Prostate and Testicular Cancer Information For The Deaf and hard of hearing Community” and participated in a focus group discussion. The results from this study are summarized in Laurel and Sommer’s Powerpoint presentation.

(Click here to view AACE Oct 30 DHHC Prostate Cancer Education Poster Presentation pdf)

October 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland:

1. Waheeda Samady presented her presentation on the results of the translation of the English-based Multi Health Locus of Control (MHLC) instrument into an accessible, visual-based American Sign Language survey. Open the attachment to learn more about the translation of the instrument and how it will be used by physicians and members of the Deaf community.

(Click here to view MHLC Powerpoint presentation 2.pdf)

2. Loren Sacks presented his presentation on the comparative analysis of Deaf and hearing males knowledge levels of testicular cancer.

(Click here to view Loren Sacks AACE Presentation Testicular Cancer Education.pdf)