Nakita Garcia: A Young Mother Reaches Out to Others

In 2010, at age 22, Nakita Garcia became the youngest woman to be treated for breast cancer at Moores Cancer Center. Less than two years later, her cancer returned and she filmed this series of video interviews.

Part 1

Nakita describes her diagnosis and treatment, and how she dealt with the news that her cancer had returned. "I have to beat this to be there for my daughter," she says.

Watch a video of Nakita Garcia sharing her experiences at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. [Part 1]

Part 2

Another PET scan shows that Nakita's cancer is growing again. She and Dr. Teresa Helsten, MD, discuss a clinical trial for triple-negative breast cancer. Another member of her treatment team, Dr. Anne Wallace, talks about the importance of maintaining hope.

Watch a video giving insight into Nakita Garcia's battle against triple-negative breast cancer. [Part 2]

Part 3

Nakita finds a way to cope by raising money to starting a scarf program, and comes weekly to Moores Cancer Center's infusion room to give free scarves to fellow patients. "I know it can be very depressing to lose your hair," she says.

She hopes to be cancer-free someday. "Every day I'm surviving," is how she describes her outlook. "And eventually, hopefully, I will be able to say, 'Yeah, I am a survivor, and it's gone.'"

Watch a video about Nakita Garcia's scarf program at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. [Part 3]


Update: Despite treatment, Nakita passed away in January 2013 at age 25. Her family is grateful that her story continues to be told here.

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