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Information Technology

The Information Technology group is made up of four divisions: Infrastructure, Research Computing, Data Services, and Internet Operations. UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center members and staff are provided a host of services and resources.  


Technical support services which require an IS staff member to visit an office, lab, or workstation incur charges at a standard rate of $55 per hour, billable in quarter-hour increments, including a reasonable charge for travel time. Software and database development services requiring the use of a staff programmer is charged at $92 per hour. Infrastructure

  • Desktop Computing Support for PC's, Macintosh, and Peripherals
  • Facilitate Network Connections
  • Provide Available Software Licensing
  • System Security

Research computing

  • Database Development and Maintenance
  • Shared Resources Database Development
  • Clinical Trials Information Service on the Web
  • UC San Diego Cancer Center Intranet
  • Data Services Maintenance of File, E-mail, and Internet Servers
  • Server Administration
  • File Conversions and Disk Transfers

Internet operations

  • Administer UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center's Website
  • Host Sub-Websites for Shared Resources and Labs
  • Facilitate Internet Connectivity


Please contact us first for reservations and availability:

  • LCD Projector - For Presentations and Conferences
  • Laptop Computers - For short term use and for presentations
  • Video Conferencing - Currently Available in Boardroom only 

Software training note: UC San Diego provides training classes for its own business programs, such as IFIS and Travelink. They also offer classes in many popular programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. See the UC Learning Center for more information.


Service Price 4
Install/support standard PC/Mac hardware components 1 $55 per hour
Install/support printers $55 per hour
Install/support software 2 $55 per hour
Install/support network connections $55 per hour
Help desk (telephone) assistance no charge
Instruct users on use of hardware/software 3 $55 per hour
Question and Answer session (phone) no charge
Perform backups/restores (network drives) $55 per hour
Product research and procurement $55 per hour
Assembly/configuration of new systems $55 per hour
Install/support systems interfaced to specialized devices (i.e. laboratory equipment) $92 per hour
Repair/rebuild systems after virus infection $55 per hour
Install/support software other than the standard office package 2 $55 per hour
Install/support hardware other than standard components 1 $55 per hour
Relocating systems or peripherals $55 per hour
Relocating user data $55 per hour
LCD Projection services (where IT personnel are needed to set up and/or run the equipment) $55 per hour
Video conferencing (where IT personnel are needed to set up and/or run the equipment) $55 per hour
Software or database development $92 per hour
Web development $92 per hour

For additional services or information, please contact us at 858-822-0143, or send e-mail to ccit@ucsd.edu. Services and/or prices subject to change without notice

1 Standard Hardware Components

  • PC/Mac desktop and laptop systems
  • Printers
  • Scanners

2 Standard Software Components

  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, Mac OS
  • MS Office (Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word)
  • MS Outlook
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Internet Explorer
  • Sophos Virus Scan

3 We provide initial "getting started" instruction. UC San Diego provides training classes for its own business systems, such as IFIS and Travelink. It also offer classes in many popular programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

4 Cost of new/replacement parts and/or software licenses is not included in the listed price. A reasonable charge for travel time may be added for services provided at off-campus locations.

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Phone: 858-822-0143
IT Help! Website

Network Security Standards

Richard DeTeresa

John C. Diaz
Web / Database Applications Programmer

Richard M. Fletcher
Network Systems Administrator

Ivy Hall
Clinic and CP&C Network Services

Bryan Pettengill
Center Network and Help Desk Services