Executive Resume

Executive Summary of Professional Experience

David Tarin has 45 years in active clinical medical practice delivering patient care and conducting laboratory-based biomedical research. Board certified surgical pathologist. Additional post-graduate experience in various specialties in internal medicine and surgery. Over 30 years experience as a leader in cancer research, and as a senior advisor to research bodies and professional biomedical organizations (eg NCI).

He also has extensive experience in patenting discoveries, and in collaborating with large biomedical commercial companies including Boehringer Mannheim and Chugai Pharmaceutical on clinically relevant research.

Strong understanding of the conceptual and regulatory issues relating to clinical trials and to the use of human clinical samples in biomedical research.

Extensive commercial and academic contacts in the biomedical world

Expertise in leading clinical and bench research programs and achieving milestones on time. Skill in identifying discoveries which are ready for purchase by large pharmaceutical companies. Extensive experience in evaluating project objectives and timelines, producing prompt, concise reports and specific practical recommendations to academic, commercial and legal stakeholders.

Leadership and administrative experience as Director of the Cancer Center at UCSD, responsible for the successful turnaround of a declining Cancer Center employing approx.1500 personnel. Accomplished resuscitation and complete re-organization of the research and management structure of the organization, leading to tripling its budget to $22milion. Raised $100 million for a new 300,000 sq ft building and obtained coveted Comprehensive Cancer Center designation from the NCI, all within 5 years.

Many (15+) years experience as an expert biomedical legal witness advising large multi-national companies, hospitals and other clients.

Recent Appointments

  • Director, UCSD Comprehensive Cancer Center 1997 – 2003
    Chugai Pharmaceutical Chair in Cancer Research
    Professor of Pathology
    University of California, San Diego
  • Professor of Pathology
    University of California, San Diego 1997 - present
  • Emeritus Professor of Pathology
    University of Oxford, United Kingdom 1997 - present

Professional Advisory Roles

  • Advisor, Scientific Policy Review, National Cancer Institute, USA and Cancer Research Campaign, UK
  • Advisor to the US national Cancer Institute for review of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston renewal of NCI Center support grant
  • Advisor to the US National Cancer Institute on Specialist Cancer Center Support Grants and P30 NCI Spore Grants
  • Editorial board of numerous biomedical journals eg Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Molecular Oncology etc. (Full list available on request).
  • Scientific referee for various peer-reviewed international journals including Nature, Science, Lancet, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, etc.

Previous Senior Appointments

  • Attending Pathologist & Professor of Pathology, !975-1980
    Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital,
    London University, UK
  • Lord Nuffield Professor in Pathology (Oxford University) 1980 97
    Vice Chairman, Department of Pathology, Oxford University, UK
  • Attending Surgical Pathologist 1979 – 1997
    John Radcliffe Hospital
    Oxford, England
  • Director, Cancer Diagnosis and 1979 1997
    Metastasis Research Laboratory
    Oxford University
  • Chairman, Oxford Breast Cancer Treatment Group 1979 1997

Education & Qualifications

  • Oxford University (Balliol College) 1961-64\
  • University of Leeds 1957-61
  • B.Sc (Hons.Class I) (Leeds University) 1961
  • MD (Oxford University) 1963
  • PhD (Oxford University) 1969
  • F.R.C.Path. (Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists) 1979-present