Research & Training

Deaf Cultural Activities

Here’s a List of Events the ASL Fellows have attended:

  • Attended Gallaudet University’s Summer Immersion Program for four-weeks between the medical students’ first and second years of medical school.

 They live in the dorms with deaf students, eat their meals with the students, and to the degree that they are invited, they will socialize with the deaf students. There is a welcoming party to help introduce the students to local DHHC leaders and a visit to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) to explore the research activities underway throughout the nation, as well as the extramural funding opportunities that will be available to these students after they finish medical school.



Jacque in D.C

San Diego County Registry of Interpreters Banquet on February 22, 2004. Carol Padden, the author of “Deaf in America,” gave an informative talk about Deaf culture from her perspective.

 Waheeda and Laurel

Waheeda and Laurel touring Washington DC on the weekend

  • Deaf Community Services at Handelery HotelSeptember 22, 2004: Deaf Community Services hosted a successful Gala at the Handelery Hotel. ASL Fellows mingled with members of the Deaf Community, learned about the life of a hearing woman with Deaf parents, and practiced their ASL skills with their mentor interpreter, Deaf people, and amongst themselves!
  • October 23, 2004: ASL Fellows learned about a famous Deaf actress’ survival from childhood abuse and her journey into adulthood in a one-woman show, “In the Now” at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in La Jolla. About 200 members of the Deaf community attended.