Your Contribution At Work

Total raised so far: $$$

Building a strategy to provide personalized cancer treatments is ambitious and expensive. However, it is essential to fighting cancer. The first phase of our initiative requires $5 million. To date, we have raised $$$ in individual donations, and the UC San Diego Clinical and Translational Research Institute (CTRI) and Health System provides up to $1 in matching funds for every $2 we raise, so every dollar you invest is leveraged. Prior contributions that helped launch this initiative include $500,000 from a CTRI Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) and $150,000 in matching CTRI funds.

By investing in MY ANSWER TO CANCER, you can help fund the $5,000 per patient we estimate* it will take to make personalized treatment approaches available to each patient suffering from cancer. The first stage of our goal is to provide personalized cancer care to 1,000 patients. These funds will help us with the following crucial steps:

  • Tumor biopsy to obtain tissue for comprehensive analysis
  • Genomic/DNA sequencing of tumor tissue with the most advanced technology available to create a molecular tumor profile
  • Bioinformatics analyses by the best scientists to understand the complex data generated
  • Clinical trials to ensure a broad spectrum of the most innovative drugs
  • Real-time matching (MatchMaking™) of the tumor profile with the most effective cancer drugs

Join us and invest now. Every investment is essential for reaching our initial goal. Investments will be leveraged with grant and foundation money to hasten progress in personalized cancer medicine, and enlarge the scope of MY ANSWER TO CANCER.

* This estimate is based on 2013 projections; genomic sequencing and personalized cancer medicine are changing and advancing at a great pace. As physicians and scientists at the cutting edge of this field, we will continually monitor changes and update our investors on revised cost projections for this initiative.