Process-Driven Initiative

When you contribute to MY ANSWER TO CANCER, you support a tangible initiative—one that has defined objectives and phases, with progress you can follow.

All cancers develop because of an abnormality in the genetic code, or DNA. These abnormalities, often called mutations, drive tumor growth. Each tumor carries its own set of abnormalities, and can adapt over time to become more aggressive.

Recently, incredible new technological advances make it possible to generate a profile of all these abnormalities. This process allows us to analyze tumors and decide which DNA mutations and other abnormalities could be effective treatment targets.

The MY ANSWER TO CANCER initiative is a three-step process:

  1. We will biopsy each patient’s cancer and, using the most advanced molecular technology available, perform an in-depth analysis that will decode the complex DNA abnormalities specific to that tumor.
  2. Next, our best bioinformatics experts and scientists will use powerful computer systems to build a comprehensive databank that will rapidly integrate and interpret data from each patient, along with data from across the globe, in order to rapidly pinpoint the root causes of each individual’s cancer.
  3. Finally, our dedicated group of expert physicians will ensure that we have a large selection of clinical trials available in order to design a personalized treatment strategy that matches patients with the best targeted drugs based on the abnormalities that drive their tumor.

The time is now!
This process will lead to the most important step of all—individualized cancer care that significantly extends and improves the lives of cancer patients in the United States and throughout the world.

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