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Patient & Family Support Services 

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Our support groups are available at no cost for you and your family.

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Cancer can create turmoil and crises in the lives of patients, including issues such as depression, anxiety, or insomnia. Yet patients are often reluctant to talk about these significant problems with their physicians, not wanting to distract from the primary focus of cancer treatment. Research shows, however, that hidden anxiety and other psychosocial problems can be barriers to effective care.

We are a specialized service focused on alleviating suffering and promoting dignity during the challenges of fighting cancer. We work as part of your care teams to provide integrated, whole-person, patient- and family-centered care.

PFSS is funded through grants and private philanthropy. Find out more about becoming a PFSS supporter or our fundraising events. We also welcome volunteers for administrative assistance, research support, and patient and family care support. Please call (858) 822-5381 for more information.