Spring Sprint Triathon & Duathlon / MILLIE Award

Rebecca and John MooresThe Spring Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon is the first multi sport event of the season in San Diego. The race started with a "personal best" vision from Dr. Tony Reid, former executive director of the Clinical Trials Office.

Dr. Reid understands that patients undergoing anti-cancer treatments are doing their “personal best” in the fight against their disease, as are athletes doing their “personal best” as they compete in sporting events such as triathlons. This event will recognize the courage, determination, and strength that cancer patients demonstrate in their daily pursuits to achieve their personal bests

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center is dedicated to translating promising scientific discoveries into new and better options for the care of patients with cancer. It is our mission to move beyond conventional methods of understanding and treating cancer and offer our patients the most advanced and individualized therapies. The funds raised will support clinical research in the aforementioned areas in an effort to increase cancer patients’ accessibility to cutting edge treatments.

The triathlon started in 2008 in conjunction with the MILLIE award. The MILLIE award was established to honor a dear patient, Millie Lipman, and her wonderful family. Millie Lipman came to Moores Cancer Center looking for hope, and fortunately she found hope within a clinical trial. She fought tirelessly against her cancer, and although she lost her battle, her family continues her legacy with the MILLIE award. The acronym MILLIE comes from the characteristics that it recognizes in outstanding clinical research contributions:

  • Management

    Be proactive, engaged and concerned about the health care experience and all of its details to make a positive difference in the daily lives of patients, families and colleagues.

  • Inspire

    Lead a courageous and hopeful battle to fight cancer.  Patients should never feel that their team has given up or abandoned them!

  • Leadership

    Leadership that goes beyond what is required; taking extra steps to find the answer to every question and the solution to every problem.

  • Laughter

    Laughter and listening are truly the best medicine.

  • Intelligent

    Intelligent and innovative patient medical, treatment and research care.

  • Excellence

    In all that is done to make cancer treatment the best it can be – now and for future patients and their loved ones.