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Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Your voice matters.
We want to hear your stories so we can continue to improve the patient and family experience at Moores Cancer Center.

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To share an experience or concern, please email us at xxx@ucsd.edu or call xxx-xxx-xxxx

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To learn more about becoming a member of PFAC, please email us at xxx@ucsd.edu or call xxx-xxx-xxxx

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To nominate someone for the Medal of Excellence award, email us at xxx@ucsd.edu or call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Partners in Care

The PFAC is an advocate for patients and families. A group of patients, survivors, family caregivers, volunteers and staff, we are committed to ensuring that patient and family perspectives are heard at Moores Cancer Center. We strive to improve services and care by providing patient information and concerns to Moores Cancer Center physicians, leaders, and staff.

PFAC also awards the annual Medal of Excellence award to a staff member who embodies these goals.

Our mission is to:
  • Improve the patient experience by focusing on how we can provide excellence in patient care, help patients navigate through their cancer care, and increase awareness of our services throughout the community
  • Provide leadership with the perspectives of pateints, families, community members, volunteers, and employees
  • Participate in cancer education programs and quality improvement projects
  • Recognize staff, faculty, and volunteers

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