Encinitas and Vista Integrative Program Calendars

Link to the calendars on the San Diego Cancer Research Institute's website.

About Integrative Medicine Events

The Integrative Medicine Program was established in 2002 by the nonprofit San Diego Cancer Research Institute to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

We are honored to have a group of exceptional volunteers who desire to help people with cancer find new ways of improving their feeling of well being, increase their healing capabilities and improve their quality of life. As you can see in our calendar and in our brochure, there are different healing techniques being offered to you. The goal of our program is to give patients the opportunity to experience each of these techniques and familiarize themselves with what each approach has to offer.

Since we are all unique individuals, some of us may feel more comfortable with certain approaches than with others. Once you identify that a certain approach resonates with you best, you may wish to access it more often. You are always welcome, and encouraged, to make separate arrangements with the volunteers to see them in their private practice, in order to receive the treatment on a more frequent basis. However, for your complimentary private sessions of reiki, craniosacral, acupuncture etc., we ask that each person schedules not more than two appointments per month. Massage is offered only to new patients and patients currently undergoing treatment, and limited to one appointment per month. This will give other patients a chance to be included in the volunteers’ schedules as well, and benefit from a free session too.