Chemotherapy Class

We offer a weekly chemotherapy class. Call 760-536-7737 (Vista) and 760-536-7737 (Encinitas) for scheduling information.


  • Empower you with knowledge
    • Minimize stress, anxiety and treatment related challenges
    • Provide information about your specific treatment plan
    • Offer tools and resources for your cancer treatment journey
  • Become acquainted with our staff and services
  • Work together for your healing process


  • Cancer overview
  • Cancer treatment
    • Types of treatments
    • How to prepare
    • How treatments are given
    • How to manage possible side effects
    • Understanding why you may or may not have side effects
  • Know your co-pays and insurance
  • Pharmacy support
  • Integrative therapy
    • Guide to supplemental therapies
    • Nutrition resources
  • Caregiver support
  • About advance directives
  • Life on treatment