CT2 Program Lecture Series

All lectures are on Tuesdays from 12 to 1 p.m. in Comer Commons at Moores Cancer Center (directions and map). Lunch is available at 11:45 a.m. for those attending the lecture. 

Principles of Cancer Drug Therapeutics Development

This is a required series of 12 weekly lectures delivered by CT2 and UC San Diego faculty members during fall quarter. They focus on the necessary sequential steps in drug development.

Topics in Cancer Drug Development

This is a series of 10 monthly lectures by industry leaders in cancer drug development. The goal is to expose trainees to experts with a substantial track record in the “real life” challenges of cancer drug development. The lecturers are typically CEOs, directors of research, or medical directors from companies in the San Diego biomedical community, although experts from large pharmaceutical companies have also participated. The outside speakers are invited to discuss challenges of developing a given target or novel therapeutic and give fellows an opportunity to hear the story of the development of specific therapeutic agents.

Combined Schedule for 2013-14

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
9/24/13 Stephen Howell, MD UCSD
Introduction to Cancer Therapeutics Development Comer Commons
10/1/13 Williams Ettouati, PharmD Skaggs School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Landscape and Marketing drugs


Comer Commons
10/8/13 Sonia Sharma, PhD La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology RNAi-based screening to pinpoint therapeutic targets in cancer Comer Commons
10/15/13 Maurizio Pellecchia, PhD Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute Design, synthesis and characterization of novel EphA2 agonists for selective targeted delivery of drugs to cancer cells


Comer Commons


10/22/13 Yazdi Pithavala, PhD


Pfizer Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics


Comer Commons
10/29/13 Erkki Ruoslahti, PhD Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute Homing peptide-guided nanosystems in experimental cancer therapy Goldberg Auditorium
11/5/13 Greg Daniels, MD UCSD Hem/Onc New immunologic approaches to the treatment of melanoma Comer Commons
11/12/13 Mark Mercola, PhD Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute Chemical and Functional Genomics to Expand Target Space for New Therapeutic Comer Commons
11/19/13 Anne Wallace, MD UCSD Surgery Evolution of the sentinel node technique, where studies have taken us, and the development of Tilmanocept for sentinel node imaging


Comer Commons
11/26/13 David Schlaepfer, PhD UCSD Reproductive Medicine

FAKs behind tumor and stromal mechanisms of ovarian cancer progression

Comer Commons
12/3/13 Razelle Kurzrock, MD UCSD Hem/Onc

Use of genetic information to personalize therapy

Comer Commons
12/10/13 Napoleone Ferrara, PhD UCSD Pathology Resistance to Angiogenesis Inhibitors Comer Commons
12/17/13 Olivier Harismendy, PhD UCSD Pediatrics

Genomics and Informatics for Cancer Therapy: Strategies for Using Big Data

Comer Commons



No lecture – Christmas Week Comer Commons



No lecture – New Year’s Eve


Comer Commons
1/7/14 Brendan P. Eckelman PhD InhibRx Pharmaceuticals Development of Antibody Therapeutics Comer Commons
1/14/14 Steven Dowdy

UCSDCellular and Molecular Medicine

The Road to RNAi Therapeutics: Tackling a Billion Year Old Gorilla with Bioreversible PhosphoTriester RNAi Prodrugs Comer Commons
1/21/14 Catriona Jamieson, MD UCSD Hem/Onc Cancer stem cell targeting in the Genomics Era Comer Commons
1/28/14 Paul Mischel, MD Ludwig Institute Targeting EGFR mutations in glioblastoma Comer Commons
3/11/14 Magda Marquet, PhD Althea Technologies Biotech Processing: Maturation of Process Control through the Clinical Timeline Comer Commons


Stuart Martin, PhD Harvard Medical School Targeting the cytoskeletal physics of circulating breast tumor cells to reduce metastasis Comer Commons
 4/4/14 Vito Palombella, PhD  Infinity Pharmaceuticals Development of the Potent PI3K-δ,γInhibitor IPI-145  Comer Commons
 5/27/14  Catherine Sanders, PhD  Adaptive Biotechnologies High throughput sequence of T cell receptors  Comer Commons

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