Light One Little Candle

UC San Diego Light One Little Candle logoMoores Cancer Center partners with the Light One Little Candle Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that promotes reading as a means for parents with cancer and caregivers to connect with their children. Moores Cancer Center is one of just six LOLC chapters, and the only one on the West Coast.

Look for our volunteers and the Light One Little Candle book cart in our clinics and the Patient & Family Resource Center on the first floor. Our volunteers are glad to help you choose a book you can read to your child. We have books in both English and Spanish for children of all ages.

You Can Help

To donate a book or make a gift to the program, please visit the Light One Little Candle website for donation information and Moores Cancer Center's book wish list. It is only through your generosity that we can continue to provide books to parents with cancer.

If your school or book club would like to help support the Light One Little Candle program, please contact Charlotte Perry, 858-534-7798.

The Story of Light One Little Candle

The Light One Little Candle Foundation was created in 2005 by Joelle Pauporte, a psychiatrist who was diagnosed at 34 with advanced breast cancer. Concerned about her young daughter, she found that reading favorite children's stories together offered a wonderful bonding time and was one of the few activities she had the energy to share with her child.

She also found, in storybooks, a means by which to leave her daughter a legacy of memories and life lessons.

The name of the foundation comes from a lullaby that Joelle often sang to her daughter. It begins, "It is better to light just one lttle candle than to stumble in the dark."