Healthy Eating Program Classes and Seminars

All events are held at Moores Cancer Center. For more information, call 858-822-2237 or email

Cooking Classes

Each class includes a short introduction of the nutrition topic, followed by a demonstration, taste testing, and discussion of the recipe's nutrient content and how to purchase, prepare and serve the dishes. You'll receive a hard copy of the recipes with nutrient content per serving and other educational materials. Recipes are designed to not only tie into the nutrition theme, but to taste good and be convenient and easy to prepare. Seeing the process and enjoying the food are important factors that can motivate healthy eating and cooking outside of the class.

Schedule and Information

Location: Healing Foods Kitchen, Moores Cancer Center
Cost: Free (thanks to the generous support of our donors), but registration is required.
Registration: Use the links below:
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Nutrition Seminars

Our seminars provide evidenced-based nutrition information for cancer prevention and an opportunity for discussion with a nutritional professional. Our repeating monthly seminar, Fighting Cancer with Diet and Physical Activity, gives an overview of how diet and physical activity can play a role in cancer prevention and survivorship. In the Healthy Eating Program Nutrition Seminar Series, the topics change each month, allowing us to address topics of interest to cancer survivors.

Schedule and Information

Location: Comer Commons, 2nd floor, Moores Cancer Center
Cost: Free, but registration is required.
Registration: Use the links below.


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Support Our Program

Currently we are able to provide our program to UC San Diego patients and family members and the San Diego community at no charge due to donations from individuals, businesses and corporations. Getting evidence-based nutrition education through our seminars and cooking classes gives cancer survivors and their family and friends the information they can use to make a difference in their health, recovery and survivorship.

Donations help us continue to provide and grow our program to benefit cancer survivors and the San Diego community. Please click on the link below to make a donation to our program.

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