About Us

Patient Advisory Council (PAC)

 Dr. Dennis Richmond
Dennis Richmond, MD, FACS,
PAC Chairperson 
The Patient Advisory Council comprises patients, survivors, family caregivers, volunteers, and UCSD faculty and staff – a true partnership between the community and the institution.

The role of those from the community – patients, survivors, and caregivers –  is to provide insight about how to humanize the cancer experience.

The role of faculty and staff is to provide information both about the institution's history and how care is provided today, and to shepherd PAC recommendations into practical solutions for optimal patient care. 

In a consistent and open dialogue, we communicate concerns and discuss solutions, always with the intent of minimizing fear and alleviating delays for patients. Translation:  The patient comes first!

Since our inception, the PAC has collaborated with Cancer Center leadership to improve its culture and environment, and the understanding of the caregivers to support the patients and their families while they take this journey into the unknown.

We seek to benefit the greatest number of people, reduce stress, deal with the practical aspects of time and money, and, above all, enhance the length and quality of life.