About Us

Cancer Center Member Relations

Member Relations assists Cancer Center faculty members in accessing a variety of opportunities and services that benefit their research, teaching and patient care efforts.


Faculty membership

Information and assistance for faculty who wish to join Moores Cancer Center, including the application process. Membership is facilitated through WebMAAP (Web-based Membership Application and Approval Process), from submission of the application through the recommendation and approval process.

Intramural grant program administration

Coordinate annual peer-reviewed funding opportunities that are available to UCSD cancer researchers and faculty from outside institutions who are members of the Center, as advertised through WebGAAS (Web-based Grant-in-Aid Administration System).

Global e-mail availability and access

Monitored e-mail lists are available for member announcements, research queries, service polls, faculty recruitment efforts, and other broadcast needs as may be identified.

Clinical/research summaries

Maintain the clinical/research profile of faculty on the Cancer Center website, an excellent resource to assist colleagues at UCSD and elsewhere to locate scientists who share common interests. It's searchable by name, department/medical specialty, disease/research topic, research program or as a full-text search.

Center-wide information resource

For questions about the Cancer Center: its operation, research programs and services, membership, leadership, how to contact colleagues, meeting dates and times, clinical interface, and retreats.

Research laboratory website planning and presence

A webpage, in the standard Cancer Center site format, featuring the member's laboratory and research interests, photos, and other information authorized by the member. Links can be incorporated to the member's home department and elsewhere, if desired.

Website and intranet enhancement and continuity

Work closely with other Cancer Center departments to develop Web-based products to enhance operations, interactions and public presence.